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Unfortunately the service of maintaining an official website in the English language was no longer wanted. Since I like to do this regardless I will keep it running as an unofficial site.

I'd like to thank a lot Kahori Ezaki of former CocoeBiz for starting the website with its initial content as well as allowing me to continue using the material, Michael Salbato for creating the initial site design, Hisui san of msdb for helping me fill all the gaps in the list of works, Andrea Mardegan for translations and generally being a like minded fan, as well as a couple more nice people I should better have been able to recall here as well.

Thank you for visiting.

Recent Works
Interview with Mr Sakuraba about His Work on "Forest of Glass"

We are very pleased to offer Mr Sakuraba's interview about his latest solo CD in English, giving detailed insight into the making of this spectacular work. You can find it on the Interviews page.

Many thanks go to Dengeki, TEAM Entertainment, Ms Ezaki and Mr Mardegan for making this interview and translation possible.

Motoi Sakuraba Official Personal Website Launch

Starting April 24th, 2009, the previous dormant site was replaced with a new official personal Japanese website including an active blog, but unfortunately missing the content of the previous website as well as any translations. The previous website can still be viewed thanks to the internet archive, we have adapted the links below accordingly.

Motoi Sakuraba's Official Personal Japanese Website was launched on October 24th, 2004. There you were able to find interesting information and photos about Mr. Sakuraba, his thoughts, music and instruments. Besides Japanese the website also offered Italian and English translations by Andrea Mardegan. Courteously, Motoi Sakuraba and Toru Aono (Motion-Planning).

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